Planting Seeds

Our thoughts are like seeds and our mind like the soil. We are always planting thoughts into our mind. Remember to only plant that which we wish to harvest. If we plant ill will, fear, doubt, jealousy, confusion, hate… will grow. On the other hand, if we plant contentment, love, forgiveness, patience, thoughts of prosperity…..likewise, it will grow. For me, I am cultivating a fruitful harvest, overflowing in abundance of all things that I desire. I wish the same for you 🙂 .

Rachael Boston

DSC_0369 “We come into this world bold and full of spirit, energy, infinite possibility, not intimidated by difficulties, danger, failure, disappointment.  We know what we want, who we want, believe we’re invincible and don’t care if anyone disagrees – that is until fear, doubt, uncertainty, and other negative emotions become continuously ingrained in our psyche over the years, overwhelms us until the nature of our authentic being becomes eventually obscured or forgotten.  Many times, we grow into unsure, insecure adults.  However, that essence of limitlessness continues to exist in each and every one of us, hiding in crevices of our memories, masked and waiting to be remembered and to re-emerge .  Will you find out how to remember in your lifetime?” –

Jumoke Boston

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