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Happy 5th Birthday To Our Journey!!


Journey's bday 2015

Five years ago, on a rainy day in June, the clouds temporarily parted to allow for your arrival!

Sound corny? Maybe, but that’s the way I remember the birth of my third little daughter.

As a parent caring for a willful, sometimes demanding child, it hasn’t always been easy. And I must say that you’ve certainly earned your name, because at times, you can be a “trip.” 🙂

But you are also so smart, funny, and very imaginative! You have without a doubt changed our lives for the better!

Happy Birthday to our little Journey…Thank you so much for coming to us!

IMG_1312 IMG_1444 IMG_1720 DSC_0090 IMG_1883 IMG_1923 IMG_2042 IMG_2089 DSC_0199 IMG_2516 IMG_2915



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Happy Feet



The things kids do when we’re not looking,

so many things that keep us “booking.”  

I mean jumping, hopping, and moving fast…alas, these times will one day pass.  

We’ll soon get old and try to remember,

back to that time in September,

when she was so little and so sweet…

to the time she drew those happy feet.


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Dial “O” For Obsolete


We were walking around an outdoor mall one evening when Marley got caught, investigating something she had apparently never seen before – in fact I was a bit surprised to see one myself.

She was so perplexed by this archaic contraption that I actually had to explain to her what it was.

“Marley, in the olden days people didn’t have cell phones to use to call people, check their emails, and troll Facebook when they were away from home. People had to walk up to devices like these, drop in a quarter (at least that’s what it cost the last time I used one), and then make a phone call – it’s called a pay phone.”

“Well Daddy, I’m glad we don’t have to use these anymore, they are boring”, was her response to that lesson.

There’s something to be said for nostalgia, but I pretty much agree with Marley on this one.


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Road Weary – (Holiday Road)


All tuckered out from visiting with family over the Thanksgiving weekend, these little ones got caught sleepin’ on the drive back down to Virginia. Since it took us a grueling 4 hours to get back this time, due to excessive holiday traffic, it was great that they were knocked out for about 2 hours of the trip. Rach and I were able to have some nice uninterrupted conversations, and I even got to listen to my own music, as opposed to having to endure another one of their kiddie movies. This certainly helped to make the long tedious ride more tolerable for Mom and Dad! 🙂


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Let’s Do Lunch


We went to Marley and Delaney’s school for lunch to celebrate Marley’s birthday, and got caught up in the full experience of a very noisy and raucous elementary school cafeteria.

Not only did we have lunch with both girls (with Journey in tow) on the Friday before Marley’s birthday, but we ended up going back to the school on the following Tuesday, and Wednesday for each of their Thanksgiving luncheon events!

It was a lot of fun and the girls enjoyed having their parents at school to share in these occasions – but suffice it to say, I’m glad that these events come only once a year! 🙂