Take A Hike!


When Rachael asked what I wanted to do for Fathers Day, I made it clear that whatever it would be, it would have to be done on Saturday – because on Sunday, my plan was to do nothing but lounge around all day while she took sole control of entertaining the kids.

Sunday was going to be the one day of the year that I sat in my drawers all day, fluffed up the pillows, remote in hand, and metaphorically got the big piece of chicken!

With my under-active Fathers Day plans laid out, Saturday, would be our day spent doing something lively together.  I wanted us to get some exercise out in the sun with the birds and trees, and pesky bugs, surrounded by nature.

We decided to go take a hike!

I have a newfound love for hiking, and lately it’s become one of our go-to family activities.  Along with the obvious cardiovascular benefits to hiking, Active.com listed 5 reasons why it can be valuable.

  • Helps you stay limber
  • Minimal equipment needed, just some comfortable shoes and a water bottle.
  • Gets the family together
  • You can set your own pace – go hard, or take it easy.
  • Get Your Zen on, while appreciating nature.

We’ve hiked Humpback Rock a couple of times before, so we chose to try someplace new. I Googled, “places to hike in Charlottesville” to find a spot that would be most suitable.

So on Saturday morning, we loaded the girls up in the van, and off we trekked to Crabtree Falls.


Crabtree Falls is located in George Washington National Forest, located about 50 miles south of Charlottesville in Nelson County, VA.  It is said to be one of the tallest set of water falls east of the Mississippi.

Following our phone GPS, (which is sometimes a bad idea in Central Virginia) we were led up one road and down the next – until Siri, robotically announced “your destination is on the left!”


The sign on the left read, “Crabtree Falls Campgrounds.” Believing we had arrived, we stopped and parked.  Oddly enough, I could hear the sound of rushing water, but I didn’t see any waterfalls. We hiked around the campgrounds for nearly an hour searching for access to the falls before the camp proprietor, a very cordial fellow by the name of Dave, informed us that we weren’t quite where we thought we were.


After he pointed us in the right direction, and gave the girls free ice cream, (how bout that ol’ southern hospitality) we had to drive about a quarter mile up the winding, wooded road to get to the falls.


We were all taken aback as we marveled at the beauty of this natural wonder! A true feast for the senses!

Crabtree Falls is divided into three sections, with a hiking trail that leads to the top.  The trail continues on for about 13 miles.

IMG_3303 IMG_3306 IMG_3333IMG_3296

After we tramped to the crown of the falls, I was forced to make the executive decision to call an end to the excursion.  That’s because my dang legs started shaking, quaking, and trembling so bad, that I would’ve had to have been emergency air lifted off that mountain on a stretcher had we gone any farther!

Journey being carried in a pack up Humpback Rock 2014.
Journey being carried in a pack up Humpback Rock 2014.

I was the only one who couldn’t continue – even Journey, was hanging tough, this being her first hike not being carried in a pack.

Other than my body failing me, it was a lovely way to spend the day.  And if you’re wondering, I did spend the next day in my boxers allowing the Netflix to wash over me as planned.


A nice balanced Father’s Day weekend…the best gift I could have received!




  1. WOW, you have truly inspired me! Those are some goals I would love to accomplish one day with my family. While I am still getting through graduate school, I think of the future and what I want my life to consist of. Traveling is number one as well as being one with nature. Thank you for sharing your story. Continue to keep the family strong with activities similar to this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Kiera, for your comments and feedback – they truly mean a lot to me. I appreciate your words of encouragement, and I trust that you can and will accomplish any goal that you set your mind too! Keep up the good work as you continue to make your way through graduate school.


  2. Marc, I am taken back looking at your wonderful family photos, and hearing your loving words about your hike. We spent many Fathers Day’s hiking with our three boys. They are all grown now and while I am proud of the young men they have become and the lives they have built I won’t say I don’t miss those days. My husband and I are planning a trip to Crabtree Falls in May (how I found your blog). Enjoy these days with your wonderful family and keep making these wonderful memories with your daughters. I know so many years later they are the things my boys still talk about…things we did together. People tell you how quickly it goes, but I know I never believed anyone. Blessings.


    • Michelle, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. I try my best to be a mindful and conscious parent…constantly aware of how quickly the time goes. I realize that right now is my chance to make a difference in the lives of our daughters, by creating memories through experiences. For me, these impressions are far more important than acquiring for them unnecessary or superficial material items. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Falls, as we did. Peace & Blessings!


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