Puppy Love

IMG_3195“Daddy, can we have a puppy? PLEASE? Can we have a puppy?”

This has become the all too familiar refrain heard incessantly around the house these days.  The girls have been asking for a puppy consistently now for a year, and I must admit that they are beginning to wear us down.

I, for one, have been dead set against getting a dog because I feel like I know what’s going to happen.  Since Rachael, is not a natural dog lover, and the girls are still so young, I’m going to be the one who’s going to ultimately have to take care of this pooch! Yo, I’m already the primary care-giver for three little girls…I don’t need to add to my responsibilities by caring for a canine.

We’ve been able to defer the procurement of a pup by telling them that they were not old enough, “Wait until you are bigger” was the popular slogan. But now that Marley has sprouted to the age of eight (going on ten as she likes to say), this excuse is losing it’s traction.  So we conjured up a more tangible justification.  We promised them a dog, once we bought a new house! Now that we are in the process of getting one, we are being “hounded” more than ever.

Check it out, they watch doggie shows, doggie movies, and doggie cartoons! They play with stuffed doggies, and read doggie books.  Marley has even gone so far as to Google doggie facts, like – How To Train Your Puppy, and Which Dog Breeds Are Best With Kids! They can already name more dog breeds then I ever knew existed, and THEY’VE decided we are getting a Yorkie! So what’s a parent to do?

It’s time I do a little research of my own!

Puplife.com, states that there are 3 Great Reasons Why Children Need Pets:

  • Dog’s may boost your child’s immune system, because according to them, kids who have dogs are exposed to more germs, which ultimately builds their little immune systems.
  • Kid’s with dog’s are more active.  The research behind this notion is that with all the dog walking, and playing fetch, that kids with dogs get more exercise.
  • Dog’s help kids with crucial social skills.  The thought here is that a dog becomes an important companion that helps a kid develop valuable social and emotional skills.

These reasons are all well and good, and I’m down with them, as long as I’m still not the main one who’s caring for Fido!  Because let me tell you, I feel like my social skills are already pretty well adjusted, and if I want to become more active, I’ll hit the treadmill.  Plus, trust and believe that I’ll take a one-a-day vitamin and some Airborne for my immune system to keep from being “sick as a dog.” I’m not looking for a tail-wagger to help develop ME in any of these categories…Feel me??

The things we do for our children though, to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and well adjusted.  And we do all of these things out of love.  And if that means letting them have a dog for the experience of it all, then doggone it, it’s better to just give in and let sleeping dogs lie.

And look at the bright side…I love my girls, and even though it’ll be a dog, maybe I can actually get a boy this time!



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