At The Barbecue?


One of the joys of my job and perks of being “da boss” is that unlike any other employers that I have worked for in the past, my current job openly embraces children in the work place if necessary.  My kids have had the added benefit of seeing me in action several times for short spurts, and our patients seem to love it.

As my day was winding down recently, I was greeted with an after-school visit by the girls.  I have a standing arrangement with two particular residents that I will bring the girls to visit them whenever they stop in.

So today, we headed to find my sweet little resident, who happened to be outside during “smoke hour” with all of the others who were smoking cigarettes, and being supervised by my buddy nurse friend.

Mind you, my girls have little to no experience with being around cigarettes or smokers, because neither Marc nor I have immediate friends or family who they’ve seen smoking.

We stepped out onto the outdoor smoking terrace, and I could see the surprise in the girls eyes as they caught a glimpse of the smoke wafting in the air, as well as the wrinkled looks on their faces as they got a whiff of the distinctively harsh smell of the cigarettes.

Delaney’s first response was: “What are y’all doing out here, having a barbecue?”  She then turned to my supervising nurse friend and says to her, “And who are you…the chef?”

I thought I was going to die from laughter – we all laughed so hard!

Then wise old sage-like Marley, chipped in her two cents by matter-of-factly telling Delaney, that this was not a barbecue, but that all of the people present had “smokers” (lighters) and “smokerettes” (cigarettes).

I have no idea where she got those terms from, but apparently she creatively made them up.

Boy, if they could only stay this innocent!

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