Summer’s Over, But We Keep Rolling On!

IMG_2084Today is Labor day, which unfortunately marks the unofficial end of the best summer I’ve had in recent memory! Man we had a ball! From Journey’s homemade cake, candles, and ice cream, to todays skating diversion and everything in between.

Being in Virgina and so close to all the east coast action, allowed us to experience a mix of trips and activities we were previously incapable of enjoying, while we were land locked in the midwest. However, on the last day of a summer that seemed to have rolled by swiftly, it felt appropriate to amuse ourselves with a not so simple, but timeless recreation.

Marley asked if they could break out their roller skates, something we hardly ever do, because assisting three little immature skater’s is a two parent job that requires some coordinating, and a lot of patience.


One of our neighbors saw us wobbling down the sidewalk in search of a flat surface, and mentioned that she didn’t think kids skated anymore.  Ours don’t much, and if you were juggling and struggling to keep all of them upright at one time, you’d know why.


Journey took her skates off early in the game, complaining that they prevented her from running fast (the sprinter that she is).  “Fine with me little one!” This only served to better manage the other mobile participants!


We experienced some thrills and some spills, but all and all this was a great way to put a spin on the end of summer, and expectantly wheel in the fall!



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