Journey Jumps For Joy

IMG_2082This is the game that Journey and I play every time we’re at the pool.  She’ll stand at the edge, count to 10, and jump in with me standing there waiting to catch her.  Then she’ll ask me to float her over to the ladder so that she can climb out of the pool and repeat this for at least the next half an hour, or until I holler “uncle!”

We’re talking 30 to 40 jumps here people!

Today it was more of the same, jumping, catching, and floating to the ladder…jumping, catching, and floating to the ladder.  I can assure you that my arms get pretty worn out after awhile, not to mention the added twist of having Delaney ride my back for much of the time.


But it’s all good though, and a lot of fun for everyone.  I stay motivated by the thought that the pool closes for the season on October 15th…and then I’ll be able to rest my arms until next year.



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