It’s Check Up Time

IMG_2052Look who’s becoming a big girl!

Here we find our Journey at her routine wellness doctors appointment.  This was our first time visiting Charlottesville’s Piedmont Pediatrics, and I was not unimpressed.  The nurses we dealt with were kind, engaging, and knowledgeable, and really what more can one ask for in a wellness check-up.

After we got settled in our exam room, Rach and I were conversing with and getting to know the nurse practitioner while passing along our personal history, and some of Journey’s medical information.  Journey meanwhile had found the etch in sketch and a variety of other toys to play with that had been strategically placed in the room in an effort to make her feel more at ease.



Eventually, it was time for Journey to climb up onto the examination table.  I told her that it was time for her check up.  She replied sweetly, “Like on Doc McStuffins?” “Yes, just like Doc McStuffins” I said, which led to a sing-along of sorts, of her “Time For Your Check-up” song.

As it turns out, she’s in the 5th percentile for height and weight , so “big girl” obviously doesn’t refer to her physical size, but to her brilliant attitude while being screened and to the fact that our big girl is healthy and continues to grow strong.


She performed so well that afterward, when she asked if we could have lunch at Chick fil A, we happily obliged.

So everything worked out well.  She’s perfectly healthy, no shots, and Chick fil A…not a bad day, I’d say!


These words of wisdom were hanging in the waiting area of Piedmont Pediatrics.
These words of wisdom were hanging in the waiting area of Piedmont Pediatrics.

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