First Day of School



The first day of school has finally arrived, and admittedly it has arrived to mixed emotions.  The first day of school always brings about an element of excitement, but also the beginning to the seemingly endless drama of frenzied morning rushes, homework (supposedly for the kids, but I think often times involves way too much parental participation), and sadly, the conclusion to a fun filled an eventful summer.

The girls were quite excited the night before, which I think was primarily due to all of the hoopla of shopping for all of their school supplies and their eagerness in wanting to arrange everything neatly into their backpacks.

By morning, quite a bit of mellowness had settled in, but we could still tell that they were somewhat enthusiastic.

Transitioning from summer break back to the whole school regimen can be a little unsettling at first.   Lets face it – long summer days of doing nothing but playing all day, later bed times and sleeping in, and summertime travel trumps the whole school routine every time.

But they’ll jump back into the saddle in no time and “get ‘er done!”

Here’s to another GREAT school year!!!


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