The Mother I’ve Always Imagined……

The only pic that I have of my mother
The only pic that I have of my mother
Me at about 2 years old
Me at about 2 years old


I can only imagine…..

Your last thought of me as you took your last breath.

I can only imagine…

The ache in your heart, that your baby girl, at 2 years old

Would be left behind, motherless, fatherless, the lone child

and sole heir to your genetic inheritance.

I can only imagine…

The silent prayer, the faith in the promise of the Higher Power who’s in control,

The whisper in your heart to ‘let go and let God’ as you made your final transition from

this plane, and left me behind.

I can only imagine…

Well momma,

Your baby girl, is still here, being well cared for through His grace

and the covenant of His word.

I was surrounded with love and placed in everyone’s care.

“It takes a village”, is what they say,

and I’m the living product, of this benevolent way.

Now, I am a mother, a joy and depth of love that I’ve never known.

To hear the words “momma” from my three little girls being uttered,

helps to erase all the times that foreign word used to make me shudder.

The child in me oft wishes for my mother’s presence to be shown,

to have my children feel your touch and hold them until they’re grown.

Their three little faces, full of infinite potential, full of light,

with you watching over them, I know they’ll be alright.

One day we’ll all be together, and walk down heaven’s aisle,

my eyes will meet with yours, and we’ll share a knowing smile.

My life has not always been easy, but one thing I know for sure,

that your loving presence is always felt and can never be obscured.

This…I no longer have to imagine…He kept His promise.

He always keeps His promises!

Happy Mother’s Day Mother. I Love you.

Your baby girl,

Rachael Marie

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