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Artful Amusement

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We were on our way to explore the National Aquarium in Baltimore, when the girls spotted this rather large and interesting art piece, and Got Caught using it as a slide. I’m sure this was not its intended purpose – but they seemed to have a blast nonetheless.

Now I am a lover of art and I found this piece to be visually stimulating. However for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the artists’ aesthetic interpretation. But the girls didn’t have this problem, because they wasted little time turning this work of art into a playful distraction, transforming it into a functional piece.

So I guess we could say that like beauty, art (and its many uses) is also in the eye of the beholder!



Author: Marc Boston

Father and Author of "The Girl Who Carried Too Much Stuff," and "What About Me?" "In a world that values acquisition and excess as gauges of success, my wife Rachael and I feel it is important to impart our idea that experiences over materialism is what constitutes a meaningful life."

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