Dial “O” For Obsolete


We were walking around an outdoor mall one evening when Marley got caught, investigating something she had apparently never seen before – in fact I was a bit surprised to see one myself.

She was so perplexed by this archaic contraption that I actually had to explain to her what it was.

“Marley, in the olden days people didn’t have cell phones to use to call people, check their emails, and troll Facebook when they were away from home. People had to walk up to devices like these, drop in a quarter (at least that’s what it cost the last time I used one), and then make a phone call – it’s called a pay phone.”

“Well Daddy, I’m glad we don’t have to use these anymore, they are boring”, was her response to that lesson.

There’s something to be said for nostalgia, but I pretty much agree with Marley on this one.


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