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Artful Amusement


We were on our way to explore the National Aquarium in Baltimore, when the girls spotted this rather large and interesting art piece, and Got Caught using it as a slide. I’m sure this was not its intended purpose – but they seemed to have a blast nonetheless.

Now I am a lover of art and I found this piece to be visually stimulating. However for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the artists’ aesthetic interpretation. But the girls didn’t have this problem, because they wasted little time turning this work of art into a playful distraction, transforming it into a functional piece.

So I guess we could say that like beauty, art (and its many uses) is also in the eye of the beholder!



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Can’t Kick Me To The Curb


Each morning when I take the girls to school, I prefer to drop both Marley and Delaney off at their classrooms (with Journey in tow of course), as opposed to pulling up to the curb and allowing them to walk into the building on their own.

For me, hand delivering them to their classrooms allows me to briefly interact with their teachers (nothing more than a pleasant “good morning”) and to give the girls a proper goodbye after the hectic morning and mad rush it took to get them there on time!

I’m sure there are pros and cons to my actions.

I sometimes wonder if by walking them in, I’m allowing them to be less independent or less self-sufficient than the kids who’s parents do a curb drop off.

But for me, I’d rather not miss the short contact I make with each of their teachers which, in my mind, makes them aware of my commitment to my girls, their education, and affirms the level of care I expect them to receive in my absence. Plus, I just want to make sure my little girls make it to where they’re supposed to be – safe and sound…I don’t know, maybe it’s just a daddy thing.

However, I read that in an effort to tighten security in the wake of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT some districts around the country have banned parents from walking their children into the schools.

I don’t know of any such policy at my girls school because first off, I never thought to ask, and secondly, I’m sure if there was one, I would have been told by now.

Walking my daughters to their classrooms just seems like the natural thing for me to do! Especially since I have the time to do it, as I don’t have an outside job to rush off to in the morning.

Plus I don’t plan on doing this forever! I realize that at some point I will decide that they are old enough and fully capable of walking the distance from the car to the classroom on their own. Or as time passes, they will be too embarrassed to have ol’ dad acting as personal chaperone – and then I’ll be kicked to the curb.

But for now, I plan to continue to enjoy this practice until I’m led to do otherwise.

So what do you think? Walking your young kids to their classrooms, Cool or Uncool?


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Black Joe Lewis Knocks Me Out!


This is what I’m listening to right now!

Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears jump into the ring and keep throwing nothing but haymakers on their most recent release “Electric Slave”.

This Austin Texas based band may currently weigh-in as a fringe contender, but trust me when I say, they are poised for championship status!

This is the bands fourth release, but two of their previous undertakings, 2011’s “Scandalous”, and 2009’s “Tell Em’ What Your Name Is”, both bring sharp jabs, crisp hooks, and plenty of punching power.

While channeling the likes of Howlin’ Wolf and James Brown, they energetically mingle a blues, funk, and soul sound that is truly a knock out!

The tracks “Come To My Party” and “Dar Es Salaam” provide the kind of one-two combo from which no listener could bob or weave.

Joe Lewis worked in a pawn shop in Austin before he began playing guitar, but this band could go toe-to-toe with any of the other blues/rock groups out there today – and force many of those plodders to throw in the towel!




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Dial “O” For Obsolete


We were walking around an outdoor mall one evening when Marley got caught, investigating something she had apparently never seen before – in fact I was a bit surprised to see one myself.

She was so perplexed by this archaic contraption that I actually had to explain to her what it was.

“Marley, in the olden days people didn’t have cell phones to use to call people, check their emails, and troll Facebook when they were away from home. People had to walk up to devices like these, drop in a quarter (at least that’s what it cost the last time I used one), and then make a phone call – it’s called a pay phone.”

“Well Daddy, I’m glad we don’t have to use these anymore, they are boring”, was her response to that lesson.

There’s something to be said for nostalgia, but I pretty much agree with Marley on this one.


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Ringing It In


It was a quiet New Years eve in the Boston household, as the four of us got caught ringing it in without mom – who was already tuckered out for the evening.

So here’s to an unbelievably miraculous 2014 – let’s continue to dream, plan, act, and believe!

Be Cool,