Having A Ball At The Mall

DSC_0025There was a feeling of a tornado-like-rush of several small people piling into our bed, landing sharply on my feet, legs, and back – startling me from my hard earned, well deserved sleep.  This scene served to alert me of one thing – Saturday morning is here again!

Of course they never wake up on their own during the week when it’s time to go to school…no sir! But on Saturday morning, they have this sixth sense that tells them that daddy is trying to enjoy a few more hours of sleep, and this dastardly deed must be foiled at once!


Anyway, on this Saturday, we tripped down to the Charlottesville City Market, and the Downtown Mall for fresh produce and a bit of Christmas shopping.  We also found a cast of colorful characters that provided loads of unexpected entertainment.


We watched a gang of weird hobo dancers do their thing, met Rudolf and Tigger (not sure what he has to do with Christmas), and the girls even got fun animal hats for when it gets colder.


Yeah, we had a ball at the mall! And after all the flurry of the day, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to pick up where I left off when we get back home, and settle in for a nice nap.  One can only hope!





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