A Birthday Poem For My Daughter


A Poem for my daughter:

It was 2006, when I felt your first kicks

Little did I know, what joy lay bestow

For what did I know about raising another?

Since it was you who gifted my first title as mother.

Taking great pride in my widening girth,

On Nov. 17th, it was you that I birthed.

On your sweet time, finally out you came,

Since that day, my life’s never been the same.

Hearing your first cries and….

Looking lovingly into those brown eyes,

We thanked our heavenly Father as your dad raised you high to the skies.

Although our parenting skills were not quite distinct,

It all came natural, almost instinct.

You have brightened my world, my precious flower

My love for you, I will forever shower.

As you continue to grow, I’ll invest my best in your raise

I promise I’ll love you throughout every phase

Today you are seven,

My precious gift from heaven.

Now I know what’s meant

When they say time flies

I would like to slow down the pace

And keep you just this size.

Oh precious child of mine, so pure, so divine.

I thank God for entrusting you in my care,

My precious, precious Marley Bear.

Happy Birthday!

Your mother

Rachael Boston

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