A New Atmosphere


So, we recently made the big move from the Kansas City area to Charlottesville, VA – a move that was contrived in 30 days – albeit, we had been passively thinking about it for the last two years. Our desire was to move closer to Marc’s family on the East coast, where the kiddos could be closer to their grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles. The good times that we had during our annual visits, as well as our good byes were becoming almost too much to bear, as leaving to come back home to Kansas City was becoming increasingly painful.
The tears and shouts of “I wanna stay here with Grandma!” and the “But I want to stay and play with my cousins, Gabe, Eli and baby McKinley” pleads began to pull at our heartstrings. It’s funny how once you become a parent, you have the desire to sacrifice almost anything for your children. So, we can honestly thank our girls for encouraging us to step outside of ourselves and re assess what’s truly important in our lives, and for us, the concept of a “home” is being together with our little family (and now extended family), regardless of location.




  1. It’s been a year and a half since you wrote this and I know you guys have no regrets about your big move. I know I’m happy that we’re closer. Cute pic, by the way.


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